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Hosted by Anderson and Martine this online  series of hands on workshops and interviews with international experts will teach you all about vegan cheese. We are excited to organize the biggest vegan cheese event until now, sharing a love for cheese and the science behind cheese making.

Anderson Santos | Host


As Cashewbert’s founder Anderson Santos has been making mouth watering vegan cheese since 2015. In order to do that, he travelled to Switzerland to learn traditional cheese making. Back in Berlin, Germany, he applied those techniques to vegan fermentation, selling his vegan cheese cultures and producing artisan creamy camembert and blue cheese. Anderson shares his knowledge in many workshops all around the world, empowering both home cheese makers and vegan cheese startup companies.

Visit Cashewbert for cultures and ingredients (Europe only).

Martine van Haperen | Host

Vegan Test Kitchen

Dr. Martine van Haperen is an experienced researcher, registered nutritionist and recipe developer. She has helped numerous companies develop vegan products. Her award winning websites inspire thousands of people every day to eat delicious healthy vegan food. Martine’s background as a social scientist gives her a unique insight into food culture and the social aspects of eating. Her vegan cheese recipes are highly valued by home cooks, professional chefs and start-up companies. The steamed rice cheese that she invented went viral and inspired many variations across the globe.

Get inspired at Vegan Test Kitchen with innovative recipes.

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Our guests

We’re honoured to welcome so many experts to the first international Vegan Cheese Summer Camp. In the interviews you will get to know them better and learn from their extensive experience.

Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko’s Creamery

Miyoko Schinner, the founder & CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery is leading the creation of the plant dairy food system. She is recognized by the United Nations as a ‘Vegan Revolutionary’ and named one of Forbes 50 Women over 50. Miyoko has cracked the code in making fermented cheese and cultured butter from plant milks that rival animal dairy counterparts on compassion, taste & nutrition on a world-changing scale. Miyoko’s Creamery products can be found at over 30,000 stores in the US and Canada, and are distributed in multiple countries. The pioneer of the plant-dairy cheese revolution, Miyoko is a passionate culinarian, former restaurateur, TV personality, and best-selling cookbook author. Her bestsellers Artisan Vegan Cheese and The Homemade Vegan Pantry are classics.

Karen McAthy

Blue Heron Creamery

Karen McAthy is founder and co-owner of Blue Heron Creamery, a dairy-free, plant-based artisan cheese company in Vancouver, which creates authentic and cultured non-dairy cheeses. She is a sought-after educator in the world of plant-based food and award-winning author of the ultimate guide The art of Plant-Based Cheese making. Blue Heron Creamery is scaling up, recently opening a large production facility and increasing distribution.

Michaela Grob


Michaela Grob is the founder and operating owner of Riverdel, a vegan cheese shop that opened in Brooklyn NY in 2015. Riverdel is the ultimate vegan cheese experience with a highly curated selection of artisanal vegan cheeses, ranging from housemade cashew and oat cheese and local suppliers to special selections from further afield in addition to carrying several well-known brands. In 2020 Riverdel has  relocated to the historic Essex Market in Manhattan, New York City.

Sumear Safdar-Robins

Food by Sumear

Sumear Safdar-Robins is an ex-dairy cheese maker, specialised in hard cheeses and rinds. Sumear is founder of Food by Sumear based in Bristol UK. He started producing vegan cheese in 2018, using nuts and seeds as base. As a natural cheesemaker Sumear produces his own strain of cultures and maintains a “mother starter” to develop cheese with strong and deep flavours.

Maxine Agyeman & Jobien Groen

Max & Bien

Chef Maxine Agyeman and food scientist Jobien Groen founded Max & Bien in Amsterdam after being unsatisfied with the flavors of vegan cheeses that were on the market. Max & Bien offers a variety of artisan cheeses like hickory smoked cheese, fondue, (g)oat cheese and their award winning vegan blue cheese. Due to fast growing demand Max & Bien are currently working towards opening a larger production facility. Their cheeses are served at numerous restaurants and sold at specialty stores in multiple countries.

Dani Wheatley & Simon Paul

Lauds Plant Based Foods

Dani Wheatley and Simon Paul are the founders of Lauds, an artisan Tasmanian cheese business that opened in 2017, offering a variety of cheese from aged cheddar and oat melt to almond feta. 

Lauds soon reached a point where they wanted to take their business to the next level. In 2021 Lauds was acquired by Pure Foods Tasmania, offering distribution channels that will help to elevate Lauds products into new markets and take it further than it had before.

Lê Na Dau Thi & Tobias Briffa

Kashew Cheese

Lê Na Dau Thi and Tobias Briffa are the founders of Kashew Cheese a vegan cheese maker and deli based in Saigon. Kashew Cheese offers a variety of plant based artisan cheese products, from fermented aged cheeses to Camembert, Mozzarella and cream cheese. They produce cheese using locally grown high quality cashews, spices and other natural ingredients. Vietnam in the largest exporter of cashew nuts in the world. Kashew cheese opened Asia’s first vegan cheese deli in 2019, which serves their range of cheese, sandwiches, cheese boards and other dairy alternatives.

Marie Laforêt

100% Végétal

Marie Laforêt is recipe developer and author of several popular vegan cookbooks, including Vegan Bible and Vegan Cheese and Ice cream. Her books and website introduce home cooks to beautiful French and international cuisines.

As a photographer and food stylist she works with vegan businesses including plant-based cheese company Jay & Joy to capture their luscious products so you can almost taste them just by looking.

Alice Fauconnet & Freddy Hunziker

New Roots

Alice Fauconnet and Freddy Hunziker are founders of New Roots. They started in 2015 experimenting with cheese alternatives from homemade nut milk. In a few years time their cheeses an yoghurts have won numerous awards and are available throughout Europe: creating the traditions of the future by crafting vegan cheese alternatives the traditional way in Switzerland.

Flore Sundahl

Flore Sundahl

Vegan Flore

Flore Sundahl is a pillar of the Dutch vegan cheese making community. She is the founder of the popular Dutch facebook group Vegan Kaas Maken, a supportive and inspiring community for new and experienced home cheese makers.

Flore started as a cheese maker in a vegan restaurant and developed their famous fondue. Her artisanal cheeses are available for order on the Vegan Flore website.

Mary Carmen Iriarte Jähnke 

Jay & Joy

Mary Carmen Iriarte Jähnke founded Jay & Joy, France’s first plant-based creamery, in 2014. Drawing on old French cheese-making techniques, as well as training at the most renowned cheese schools, they have developed a unique know-how, and now offer a wide range of vegan alternatives to cheese. The products are made in La Croix-Saint-Ouen, in the department of Oise and are sold by the slice in the shop La crèmerie végétale de Jay & Joy in Paris.

Marika Groen

Malica ferments

Marika Groen is a fermentation expert and the founder of Malica Ferments. She teaches
fermentation classes and organizes fermentation travels to Japan. She will talk about Tofu
Misozuke, fermented tofu with a taste similar to blue cheese.

Jos Houbraken

Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute

Dr. Jos Houbraken is head of the research group Food and Indoor Mycology at the famous Westerdijk Institute. Houbraken studies food-spoiling and indoor fungi including those used in cheese making. Fungi are workhorses of the food industry, where fermentation is used in numerous applications to produce flavors, colors, enzymes and preservatives. His group does research on all aspects: food fermentation, spoilage, stress resistance, indoor growth and novel ingredients.